Building Futures for Sicilian Youth: TED-ED's Mission Possible
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Building Futures for Sicilian Youth: TED-ED’s Mission Possible

In a world where competition is fierce and opportunities scarce, there’s a beacon for thousands of young people: professional training. Transitioning from school to the …

Le bibite Tomarchio: la Sicilia in bottiglia dal 1920
Products of Excellence

Tomarchio Beverages: Sicily’s Effervescence Comes to Los Angeles

Nestled between Mount Etna and its scents and the crystal-clear waters of the Ionian Sea, in a corner of the picturesque town of Acireale, the …


The Arancini King: Michael Colomba

How many lives can one person live? Cats are said to have nine. Michael might not seem like a feline, but hey, maybe he is, …

Fratelli Drago

Celestino Drago and His Brothers Will Showcase Sicily at the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York

There is a heart beating strong in American Sicily, a space filled with expertise, pride, and a sense of belonging. It is to this heart …


#LaFarinaESoloDiGrano intends to give value to those in Sicily who cultivate the #land and in doing so feed us and take care of our landscape. Food choices are individual, but it is important to allow those who consume to choose and know what they are consuming.

This campaign and this spot are built in compliance with this logic. The video #LaFarinaESoloDiGrano was shot in the hinterland and intends to bring back to the center of our narrative what agriculture has always represented for and on our land.

Sicily has fed #Europe for millennia. The time has come for me to redeem that story. Help us spread the #IoComproSiciliano campaign in collaboration with the Agriculture Department of the Sicilian Region by sharing this video on social networks, commenting, sending the link to friends who can share the content.

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