Talia and Scialii, The Wine Selection That’s the Toast of Nexxt Expo

Nestled in the town of Salemi, near Trapani, Tenute Mokarta is a thriving winery that has been delighting palates since 1916. The genius behind this brand was Paolo Favuzza, a forward-thinking entrepreneur who laid the groundwork for what has now become a flourishing fourth-generation family business.

Key pillars include Mario Emanuele Favuzza, the mastermind behind marketing and client relations; Giusy, overseeing administration and logistics; and Giuseppe, who ensures that production runs seamlessly.

The name ‘Mokarta’ pays homage to the hill where their grapes are lovingly cultivated. A hallmark of their approach is the emphasis on native grape varieties, making Grillo, Zibibbo, Perricone, and Nero d’Avola the stars of their vineyards.

What started as a humble family-oriented production swiftly gained a reputation, with Paolo recognizing the immense potential his land held. As bulk wine buyers began frequenting his estate in Salemi, Paolo saw an opportunity for a significant entrepreneurial leap.

The Mokarta hill itself boasts unique features—most notably, an impressive 20-degree temperature variation in summer, combined with a mix of clay and mineral-rich soil, making it a haven for varied cultivars based on altitude and terrain. Differentiating cultivars according to areas and altitude thus becomes a new point in favor of the estate.

Fully embracing the organic farming movement, Tenute Mokarta has positioned itself as a beacon of sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Over the years, they expanded their estate, adding almost 50 acres in the Dimina district of Salemi, leading to a grand total of approx. 136 acres.

A crown jewel in their portfolio is the extensive product range. With a staggering 550,000 bottles packed annually, Tenute Mokarta’s offerings are indeed enviable:

Their standout line is “Talia Bio,” boasting three exquisite reds and four handpicked whites. From the aromatic, harmoniously layered Perricone, to the softer palate Nero d’Avola, and a Syrah that encapsulates global appeal while staying true to Sicilian roots.

The white selection presents a Grillo, Zibibbo, Catarratto, and a Sauvignon Blanc—ensuring there’s something for every wine enthusiast.

Talia, meaning “to look” in the local dialect, holds a dual significance for the Favuzza family, also representing “to pay attention.” This meticulous attention to market trends is evident in their wine offerings.

However, the true showstopper is the “Scialii” line—a white and rosé blend of the native Zibibbo and Grillo grapes. Birthed from countless family luncheons, Mario Favuzza perfected these table wines, striking a balance that appeals universally: crisp, mineral-rich, fruity, with a hint of effervescence.

While Tenute Mokarta enjoys a strong presence in both domestic and international markets—including China, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, and Hungarythe American market is their next big frontier.

To this end, they’ve showcased their wines at the Nexxt Expo within the dedicated Sicily Show section, curated by IoComproSiciliano and supported by Regione Siciliana Assessorato Attività Produttive

With their prime focus on the “Talia” and “Scialii” lines, Tenute Mokarta is poised to leave an indelible mark on American taste buds. Cheers to that!