Officina di Terra: Taking Sicilian Olive Varieties on a Global Sojourn

Officina di Terra, the agrarian jewel of Agrigento, sails steadfastly, carrying the excellence of Sicilian olive varieties across the seas.

Nocellara del Belice and Biancolilla – these are the two Sicilian olive varieties nurtured and processed by Gerlando Fiorica. This enterprising doctor chose to invest in the 17 acres of land bequeathed by his father, turning it into a glorious testament to all things authentically Sicilian.

We’ve shared the fascinating journey of this radiant Sicilian endeavour that has, on numerous occasions, showcased its products beyond national shores. Catch our detailed article on it right here!

Their successful foray at the Summer Fancy Food event in New York – a golden opportunity to introduce and let folks taste their product – sparked Officina di Terra’s strategy to construct new trade avenues.

The reviews pouring in for Fiorica’s oil were stellar, particularly applauding its high-quality and traditional essence.    . This positive reinforcement catalyzed a series of maneuvers, propelling the company closer to global markets. Notably, the crafting of labels in English, specifically for the American clientele, underscores the company’s impressive upward trajectory.

Let’s not forget, within a mere two years of its inception, Fiorica’s oil clinched a spot in the prestigious Flos Olei guide – a compilation of the world’s finest extra-virgin olive oils.

Officina di Terra’s treasures were also unveiled at the Nexxt Expo in Los Angeles.       With sky-high expectations and an eagerness to forge valuable alliances with local importers, Fiorica oil was accessible to visitors at a booth of the Sicily Show, an event curated by IoComproSiciliano.