Wearable Masterpieces: Lemoré’s Showstopper Creations at the Made in Italy Fair

Dora Mirabello and Martina Scramuzza aren’t just any Sicilian painters – they’re a dynamic duo of aunt and niece, blending two generations of artistic passion. Together in 2017, they launched Lemoré, a label that crafts scarves, caftans, bags, and accessories – in essence, wearable artworks.

Lemoré came to life in Porto Empedocle, just a stone’s throw from the birthplace of renowned author Andrea Camilleri. It’s here that Dora and Martina decided to combine their artistic flair and expertise. Both are seasoned painting instructors, with academic backgrounds in the Fine Arts: Dora graduated from Brera, while Martina is an alumna of Palermo.

Their craftwork can best be described as decorative artistry. The canvas? Premium fabrics, predominantly silk. The tools? Traditional brushes and specialized fabric paints. The outcome? Distinct, inimitable products, each a testament to the artists’ sensibilities.

Their creativity unfolds on large fabric squares, each spanning roughly 6.5 feet on each side. Once these canvases come to life, they’re entrusted to skilled tailors who, following the artists’ vision, fashion them into caftans, scarves, and other accessories.

The diversity in the duo’s artistic style offers a unique blend. Dora, initially a figurative painter, has evolved to embrace a more expressive technique, featuring hints of flora, nature, and landscapes in her designs. In contrast, Martina’s roots lie in abstract painting. This dual artistic perspective, coupled with their vast product range, enables Lemoré to cater to a broad audience spectrum.

Lemoré’s journey boasts of participation in numerous fashion shows. Notably, their debut in Rome in 2018, sponsored by Volkswagen, where they shared the stage with prominent fashion brands. They’ve also showcased in Madrid, Spain, and back home in Palermo and Agrigento.

Presently, Lemoré is wooing the vast online market, predominantly appealing to a niche of aficionados with a penchant for premium fabrics and unconventional apparel.

Their expansive collections cater to both young and mature tastes.

Get ready, LA! Lemoré’s creations will dazzle at the Nexxt Expo, celebrating Made in Italy, from October 19th to 22nd. Drop by the Sicily Show stand, curated by IoComproSiciliano, and immerse yourself in an array of scarves, caftans, bags, and bow ties.

It’s a golden opportunity for this Sicilian brand to break international barriers, opening doors to numerous exciting possibilities.