“Monte Etna” PDO at Nexxt Expo: “Don Peppino” Leads the Charge for Sicilian Olive Oil

Established in December 2005, APO Catania – the Cooperative of Olive Producers – is a force to be reckoned with. This robust cooperative embraces a whopping 1,350 members, all proud owners of olive groves scattered across the provinces of Catania, Siracusa, and Ragusa.  

The cooperative is thriving, always open to every player in the olive sector, with the objective of affirming a cooperative strategy aimed at best responding to the needs of the area, offering a top-tier product that not only stands out but also rocks the market.

The key ingredient? The exceptional quality of their olive oil. This extra-virgin olive oil is kept pure, untouched by any chemical refining processes, and is extracted traditionally through mechanical methods.

A chunk of APO Catania’s association is also a proud member of the Monte Etna PDO Consortium. Founded on October 1, 2007, this Consortium is on a mission to champion and uplift the “Monte Etna” extra-virgin olive oil, safeguarding its authenticity and superior quality, right from its production to its packaging.

And, they do all this while adhering strictly to legal standards, assisting and shielding all the key players in enhancing the product and ensuring the PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) name’s proper use.

Right now, “Monte Etna” PDO is making waves in Los Angeles at the , a grand affair celebrating Italian excellence. Four member-producers from the consortium will be showcasing their exquisite products at a dedicated stall of the Sicily Show, a spectacle put together by IoComproSiciliano.

Sergio Pappalardo, the chairman of Apolio and the force behind Sikulus, handpicked these Sicilian marvels that’ll elevate the reputation of Monte Etna PDO.

Sikulus, with a rich family heritage spanning five generations, will be front and center, representing Sicilian olive oil in California.

Their groundbreaking packaging and sensory attributes will be personified by “Don Peppino,” an IGP and PDO product stemming from the unique Nocellara Etnea cultivar.

This quintessential Sicilian variety thrives at about 3,000 feet above sea level on a terrain that’s truly one-of-a-kind. It’s here that the 22-acre age-old olive groves produce an olive oil that’s not just a hit in Italy but globally, boasting an average production of a staggering 20,000 bottles annually.

Joining Sikulus are three other eminent Sicilian producers – Etna Island, Azienda Agricola Greco, and Mecori, all proudly certified by Monte Etna PDO.

At a global extravaganza like the Nexxt Expo, there’s an anticipation of an astute audience – folks who can truly appreciate the quality and rich history behind the showcased products.

Sikulus, in this aspect, has aced the game. Thanks to their compelling storytelling of their homeland, their olive oil has already graced tables in Europe, America, and even Japan. The overseas market has a soft spot for captivating tales, and boy, does the APO Catania delegation have a plethora to share!