Wild Herbs of the Madonie Mountains: The Heart of Azienda Agricola Dongarrà’s Local Charm

At Azienda Agricola Dongarrà, nestled in the picturesque Contrada Montelavano of Gangi, Palermo, the philosophy is simple yet profound: the best way to showcase an area is by bringing its flavors to dining tables everywhere.  

Nicolò, Angelo, and Riccardo, three brothers united by their innate love for the land and its bounty, founded this venture in 2011. Inheriting about 25 acres from their father, they have cultivated a production that is now celebrated far and wide.

Dongarrà stands out as a family-run business in Gangi, outside Palermo, where nature sets the pace, emphasizing seasonal produce. Over time, the farm has embraced and conquered new challenges.

 With support from the PSR Sicilia program, Dongarrà has expanded its horizons, setting up a processing workshop, broadening its product range, and opening a store right by their lands.

The wild herbs of the Madonie mountains are a treasure trove, and Dongarrà has skillfully tapped into this resource, understanding the importance of harvesting, preserving, and storing these herbs.

Their product line also includes “fourth range” fresh produce – vegetables that are cleaned, sanitized, cut, and ready to cook, packaged in a controlled atmosphere. Another highlight is their “siccagno” tomatoes, cultivated without irrigation and transformed into peeled tomatoes, extracts, and sauces.

Dongarrà began its business by targeting a local market, but over time it has expanded its reach to the point where it now enjoys regional relevance. The enterprise has also reached this important milestone thanks to bold decisions, such as joining the circuit of the weekly markets of Campagna Amica, organized and promoted by Coldiretti.

This step was a challenge they embraced wholeheartedly, viewing it as an opportunity for growth and a way to bring their local flavors beyond regional boundaries.

In line with this vision, Dongarrà’s delights, including their fava bean fritters, pickled artichokes, and a variety of tomato samples, graced the Nexxt Expo in Los Angeles. At this international fair dedicated to Italian excellence, their products were part of the Sicily Show, organized by IoComproSiciliano, where they received high acclaim and showcased the essence of Sicilian agriculture.