Tomarchio Beverages: Sicily’s Effervescence Comes to Los Angeles

Nestled between Mount Etna and its scents and the crystal-clear waters of the Ionian Sea, in a corner of the picturesque town of Acireale, the epic tale of Tomarchio comes to life. This Made-in-Sicily brand has tantalized taste buds worldwide with its beverages.

If there’s a company that simultaneously embodies tradition, quality, sustainability, and boldness, it’s Tomarchio.

Founded in 1920 by the visionary Cavaliere Filippo Tomarchio, the company has been under the stewardship of the Busi Family for just over 20 years. Under their management, with Mirco Gabbin as the CEO and Marco Oliveri managing international markets, the company boasts a legacy of triumphs, fueled by relentless innovation and environmental responsibility.

It all started at the first International Trade Fair in Rome’s EUR district, where the Cavaliere presented his coffee and orange sodas. From that point, the company’s growth was unstoppable, making it one of Italy’s and the world’s most cherished beverage producers.

With a single production site in Acireale, Tomarchio now has a staff of 41 highly qualified employees, producing 50 million bottles annually and generating around 14 million euros in revenue.

A significant 38% of their earnings come from international markets, marking Tomarchio’s footprint in an impressive 41 countries. From Northern Europe to South Africa, from the United States, Canada, and Chile, to Australia, New Zealand, and even Asian countries like Malaysia, Taiwan, and Korea, its presence is vast and varied.

Thanks to robust collaborations, the company prides itself on a very short supply chain solely based on Sicilian raw materials. All suppliers are within a 100 km radius of the facility, with the furthest in Ciaculli, near Palermo. This proximity ensures constant quality control, producing juices and concentrates certified by the Sicilian Citrus District. Their organic line also boasts IGP DOP certification.

Even the water it uses is authentically Sicilian. Sourced directly from Mount Etna, its rich mineral content and unique flavor profile give its beverages an unparalleled taste.

For Tomarchio, it’s a bet on both the land and tradition. For over a century, their artisanal approach has remained unchanged, spanning three generations.

Sustainability has always been at the core of the company’s vision. An upcoming solar plant aims to reduce the energy footprint of production to almost zero. Additionally, their labels for glass bottles are already made of 100% recycled materials, and soon, their retail segment will feature bottles crafted from recycled plastic.

The secret to Tomarchio’s global acclaim? A simple yet powerful business ethos: unwavering product quality, competitive pricing, and manufacturing methods consistent for over 90 years.

With an ambition to solidify their presence in the Sicilian market and push their international revenue to 50%, Tomarchio is keenly eyeing further expansion into Asian and American markets.

Their forward-thinking and sustainable vision, deeply rooted in Sicilian tradition and quality, make them a shining beacon of Made-in-Sicily excellence.