Timeless Elegance of Tatting: The Precious Tale of Gemme sul Filo

Gemme sul Filo, a blooming venture driven by two passionate artists, Rosa Mandina and Francesca Bucca.

The backstory of this brand is uniquely captivating. Both women hail from professions far removed from the glitz of jewelry. Rosa Mandina wears the hat of a restorer and now directs a restoration business, while Francesca Bucca navigates the world of hospitals, specializing in radiology.

Although officially founded in July 2023, the inception of Gemme sul Filo dates back further. Rosa, a few years ago, began dabbling in the craft of jewelry-making, employing the intricate technique of tatting. Initially, her stunning pieces graced friends and acquaintances.

What commenced as a leisurely pursuit soon morphed into a demanding passion project. By 2019, Rosa’s handcrafted masterpieces caught the discerning eyes of several buyers. After a successful runway debut showcasing her jewelry and lace wonders, she landed a collaboration with the elite Rocco Forte Hotels, from Villa Igiea in Palermo to the Verdura Golf Club in Sciacca, and eventually, the Resort Torre Maizza in Puglia. It’s no exaggeration to say Gemme sul Filo’s pieces flew off the shelves.

Fast-forward to July 2023, destiny had a treat in store. Rosa met Francesca. Their shared vision, viewing jewelry as amplifiers of a woman’s essence, sealed their partnership. They embarked on a quest to contemporize an ancient craft. Together they decide to stake their bets on their passion.

Their first official unveiling was at Obicà during the “Artaperò” event, a celebration of exceptional craftsmanship, sponsored by IoComproSiciliano.

Thanks to their meticulous craft, each day witnesses the birth of unique pieces at Gemme sul Filo. Boasting entirely handmade production, each jewelry item is date-stamped, limited in number, and essentially is a feather-light, eco-friendly, allergen-free piece of art. Every item comes complete with a warranty and authenticity certificate.

Their constantly evolving website mirrors the dynamic creativity of these artistic entrepreneurs.

Proudly open to creative collaborations, the brand is on the cusp of several projects within the fashion realm.

Shared work with artists from all fields is a valuable way for women entrepreneurs to enrich their world. Interlacing professional, personal, and artistic relationships is their secret ingredient for producing unparalleled pieces.

Among recent partnerships, their alliance with Sicilian-origin painter Giulia Crimaldi stands out, as she’s set to showcase her work soon in Vienna.

The artistic verve of Gemme sul Filo rests on a simple mantra: Jewelry-making is an act of joy. As Rosa aptly puts it, “As hands dance, the mind soars.”

One collection that has earned particular acclaim is “Le Peonie“, a range of jewelry pieces that charm markets with their ageless beauty, paying homage to a cherished 1964 childhood memory.

Gemme sul Filo will grace the Sicily Show, organized by IoComproSiciliano, at Nexxt Expo in Los Angeles from October 19th to 22nd. This marks the realization of one of the duo’s grandest dreams: to take a treasured slice of Sicily across the Atlantic.