The Coffee of the Two Sicilies: Los Angeles Hosts the Sponsor of Palermo Football Club

Enveloping aroma, thick and luscious cream, a rich flavor that fills the palate: this is the extraordinary experience you have as you sip a cup of SIAG Caffè, a product crafted by a third-generation Italian company and ambassador of one of the highest pinnacles of Made in Italy excellence across the globe.

SIAG Caffè was officially born in 2015, but its roots delve deep into the land of Campania, generation after generation passing down a passion and precious secrets connected to one of Italy’s most renowned rituals.

Under the adept guidance of Commercial Director Roberto Giliberti and its evolution into a joint-stock company, the company is currently at the epicenter of a formidable expansion process.

With its operational headquarters nestled in Caivano, Campania, SIAG Caffè has already successfully planted its beans in New York and Barcelona, through two international branches, and whispers of an upcoming new opening in Milan are in the air.

It’s a dynamic and enterprising reality that has turned aggressive marketing and mindful presence into the linchpin of its communication strategy. Just days ago, SIAG Caffè graced Little Italy during a Fair for the Feast of San Gennaro and was simultaneously engaged in Guangzhou, China, at the FOOD2CHINA EXPO.

An orchestrator of events and collaborations, one partnership the company holds in high regard is that with Palermo Football Club, having been a sponsor since the new foundation of the black-and-pink sports club. The tie that binds these two entities is made of dreams, emotions, and shared goals.

Climbing to the top football series is a shared hope, tethering the two, along with a profound connection with one of Italy’s most significant cities, which has perpetually shown its love for SIAG.

The crown jewel of their production is the coffee pod, a treasure of taste that has seized the market’s enthusiasm thanks to its unparalleled quality. The staggering goals achieved are the result of a steadfast commitment to studying the finest blends: a shrewd amalgamation of high-quality Arabica beans from South America (Colombia, Brazil, Honduras) with other robust and decisive ones from East and Central Africa.

A very short supply chain allows the company to control the quality of its products from the arrival of the beans to the packaging of the final product.

This genuinely Campanian company now boasts about 50 employees scattered across the globe and produces an astonishing amount of coffee each year: around one million kg. The company’s turnover aims to double last year’s, reaching almost USD 13 million.

The most significant future goal is an authentic daily commitment challenge: to embrace more and more foreign countries, taking Made in Italy excellence everywhere in the world. In this regard, the product already enjoys a sensational reputation, with a robust presence in America, Central Europe – especially in Germany, Hungary, and Poland – and in North Africa, mainly Libya and Morocco.

The company is already geared up for its next international adventure: it will be present at the Sicily Show organized by IoComproSiciliano, at Nexxt Expo, from October 19 to 22 in Los Angeles. A fresh opportunity to communicate dedication, tradition, and passion for coffee, bringing Italy into the heart of every cup.