Terre di Gratia: The Essence of Organic Sicilian Wine and Sustainability

Organic Sicilian wines made from native grape varieties and exclusive use of selected indigenous yeasts. A painstaking transformation that offers a new way of exalting the bond between Sicily’s grape varieties.

Terre di Gratia is a farm rich in history in the heart of Camporeale, near Palermo.

Its story begins in 1934, when Ciro Sciortino purchased the sprawling 1,112-acre Feudo di Torretta estate, on which his family has been cultivating vineyards and olive groves for decades.

In 2005, 71 years later, Gaspare and Rosario Triolo inherited about 110 acres of that land from their grandmother Grazia and decided to give a new face to the company, closing the wine supply chain,founding the brand and making the first labels.

The brothers, having grown up in Palermo and armed with degrees in agriculture, transform their heritage into a modern, internationally oriented enterprise.

Today, Terre di Gratia upholds three core values: elegance and balance in their wines; respect for the environment, showcased through organic production and sustainability practices; and respect for people.

The winery operates solely on solar energy, and in partnership with a company that uses hybrid trucks, ensuring environmentally friendly local distribution.

Furthermore, the winery actively engages in ethical initiatives, such as the annual Vendemmia in rosa event, supporting women-focused charities.

The winery’s 24.7 acres of vineyards and 17.3 acres of olive groves yield nearly 40,000 bottles of wine and about 1,056 gallons of olive oil annually.

The diverse range includes nine labels derived from four grape varieties: Perricone, Catarratto, Nero d’Avola, and Grillo.

Particularly notable are the Sasà wines, with corks and labels crafted from post-fermentation grape pomace, exemplifying the winery’s commitment to sustainability.

The winery is also gaining recognition for its sparkling wines, including two pet-nats, Biancomosso and Rosamosso, and the classic method Perle di Grazia, a Catarratto-based sparkling wine with citrus and white fruit notes and wildflower aromas.

Additionally, four unique labels – 170 and Dama Rosa, from Perricone grapes vinified in red and rosé, respectively; 27 and Dama D’oro, both Catarratto and vinified in white and orange, the fourth wine color. 170 and 27 are named after the numbers of the individual plots on which the grapes are grown and thus represent the estate’s cru, Terre di Gratia’s hallmark wines.

85% of Terre di Gratia’s market is domestic, with the remaining 15% international, consolidating collaborations in Northern Europe, particularly in Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Germany.

The winery has also established significant ties with the US market, especially California.

At the Nexxt Expo in Los Angeles, all Terre di Gratia labels showcased their unique Sicilian essence. Participating in the Sicily Show, organized by IoComproSiciliano, these wines represented the pinnacle of Sicilian excellence.

Looking ahead, together with IRVOS, the winery is reviving Lucignola, an ancient grape variety ideal for sparkling wine production. By 2024, Terre di Gratia plans to produce the world’s first classic method sparkling wine from Lucignola, continuing to blend tradition with innovation.