Pezzi i Core: Where Art and Entrepreneurship Come Together

Pezzi i Core, born in 2018, is the brainchild of Rosalba Gambino and Marco Damiata, a couple whose shared love for art and Sicily blossomed into a unique venture. It is a unique venture, a combination of the visionary art of Rosalba, a painter and graduate of the Monreale Art Institute, and the entrepreneurial determination of Marco, her husband and business partner.

This blend of Rosalba’s visionary artistry and Marco’s entrepreneurial drive took root within their home’s walls, where Rosalba’s vibrant creativity breathed life into canvases, creating one-of-a-kind pieces that narrate Sicilian tales.

Originally, Pezzi i Core dabbled in personalized keychains adorned with hand-drawn caricatures.

The overwhelming success of these charming accessories was a clear signal to the couple: they were on the right path, but it was time to aim higher. A eureka moment came when Rosalba mused over the artistic beauty of a Sicilian cassata, sparking the idea to infuse local narratives into her creations.

“Pezzi i Core” then evolved into something deeply personal for Rosalba, who began embellishing her works with figures dressed in unique outfits. These outfits, inspired by Sicilian monuments, squares, and cuisine, transformed Rosalba’s ladies into canvases of Sicilian culture, each detailing the island’s rich heritage. These masterpieces, first created on canvas, found their way onto t-shirts, planners, mugs, and various gadgets.

Currently, the collection is expanding ambitiously, with a goal to create 50 pieces for an exclusive exhibition.

A striking feature of Rosalba’s dames is their closed eyes, symbolizing an introspective journey, encouraging women to delve deep within and bring their unique beauty to the world—a powerful message of self-determination and inner beauty celebration.

Without a physical storefront, Pezzi i Core’s creations grace various retailers, enhancing clothing stores and stationeries alike.

The t-shirts, a highlight of the production, are a year-round favorite, perfect for summer days or layered under a colorful jacket in winter. The planners and mugs see a surge in demand during the holiday season.

Pezzi i Core’s products have traversed Italy through craft fairs, finding their way to Milan, Turin, Rome, and even internationally to Australia and Germany.

A significant opportunity to showcase their passion overseas came with their participation in the Nexxt Expo in Los Angeles, an international fair dedicated to Italian excellence. Their diverse range of products, from mugs to t-shirts, generated immense interest at the Sicily Show, organized by IoComproSiciliano.

Looking ahead, Rosalba and Marco’s primary goal is to engage their fellow Sicilians more deeply in appreciating and valuing local art and artisans.

Every “piece of heart” from Rosalba is a world of culture, dedication, and entrepreneurial effort—a heartfelt endeavor that resonates with Sicilians as only a true artist can.