Pasticceria Oscar Since 1965, Palermo’s Cassata Comes To The “City of Angels”

A showcase bursting with colors, shapes, and unmistakable flavors. A shop run by passionate and uncompromising professionals. The pursuit of quality has always fueled one of the most beloved patisseries in the heart of Palermo. A thriving business that has sweetened the taste buds of thousands of families with timeless original masterpieces.

Pasticceria Oscar was established in 1965, driven by Vincenzo Di Gaetano’s boundless passion for the art of pastry-making. Today, the business stands as a culinary icon that has triumphantly weathered the test of time, bringing both sweet and savory delights to generations of Palermo locals and visitors from around the world.

When Vincenzo decided to dive into this exciting venture, he had a crystal-clear vision: to offer an innovative line of delicacies designed to meet the tastes of the most discerning palates. This vision gave birth to the liquor-free Pan di Spagna (Sponge Cake) series, flavored in various tastes, which quickly became a flagship product.

The Di Gaetano family has never strayed from that vision. Vincenzo’s children continue a journey of research, experimentation, and innovation, all while staying deeply rooted in Sicilian pastry traditions.

Today, Pasticceria Oscar is the perfect fusion of past and present. The offerings begin with beloved classics like Mozart, Devil, Pistacchiotta cakes, Profiteroles, Savoia cake, and Maria Stuarda. These are complemented by flavors sought after by today’s market, such as wild berries or white chocolate mousse.

With around 30 employees bustling between the storefront and kitchen, the relentless pursuit of research and innovation is fueled by a passionate team. World-class professionals, like chef Giovanni Catalano, experiment daily with formulas and preparations. This results in sophisticated structures and textures for both ancient and modern desserts.

What truly sets each product apart is undoubtedly that every step of the preparation is done by hand. Here, master pâtissiers dedicate time and energy to every dessert, meticulously molding every creation. This artisanal approach is one of the key elements behind the outstanding quality of their offerings.

Over the years, Pasticceria Oscar has also been the star of spectacular and tasty events. Among them was the preparation of a Maxi Cassata, celebrating 3 years of IoComproSiciliano‘s operations. This record-breaking dessert was crafted at the Quattro Canti, an emblematic location in Palermo’s historic center.

With its understated elegance, a diameter of 4.6 feet, and weighing around 55 pounds, the cassata symbolized an incredible fusion of pastry culture and artistic performance.

This very Sicilian Cassata will undeniably be one of the stars of the Nexxt Expo, scheduled from October 19 to 22 in Los Angeles. Pasticceria Oscar will be attending the event, as part of the Sicily Show organized by IoComproSiciliano.

This presents a golden opportunity to introduce overseas visitors to the traditions and values Pasticceria Oscar has always embraced.

There are plenty of projects in the pipeline set to unfold in the near future.