Pasta & Conza: The Art of Trapani Pasta in California

Officially established in 2018, Pasta & Conza has roots that delve much deeper into history. The business idea harks back to approximately 35 years ago when Mr. Milazzo and Mrs. Di Filippi decided to venture into the culinary world of dining and pastry-making. In the past seven years, the focus shifted, making the production of premium dry and fresh pasta their crowning glory.

Nino Senia is the pasta maker of Pasta & Conza, driven by his deep love for pasta-making he told us about the history and magic behind an achievement with ancient roots. Having spent several years studying engineering, Nino’s epiphany led him to the ancient art of creating pasta. The process demands unwavering dedication and consistent learning, starting with the selection of raw materials, followed by the choice of machinery.

Semolina, the prime ingredient, is one of the product’s major strengths. All of it is sourced from a mill located just a few miles from the business in Castellammare del Golfo, with each batch certified by the grower.

The production capability of the pasta factory is divided into two product types:

Fresh Pasta produced between May and October, with an exhaustive range including busiate, casarecce, spaghetti, fettuccine, ditale, mezze maniche, spaghettoni, tagliolini, paccheri, rigatoni, conchiglione, tagliatelle, and pappardelle.

Dry Pasta made throughout the rest of the year, following a cycle spanning between 20 to 24 hours. Varieties include, for example, both short and long busiate, paccheri, rigatoni, mezze maniche, ditale, eliche, chopped spaghetti, casarecce, and conchiglione.

Currently, Pasta & Conza caters mainly to the regional market, primarily comprising upscale restaurants seeking high-quality ingredients for their dishes. Over time, partnerships have blossomed with different regions, particularly Lombardy, Piedmont, and Tuscany, as well as foreign countries like the United States and Eastern European countries.

With aspirations to tap into significant commercial channels, the Trapani-based enterprise will showcase its products at the Nexxt Expo’, the Made in Italy exhibition scheduled in Los Angeles from October 19th to 22nd.

At the Sicily Show stand, organized by IoComproSiciliano, visitors will have a chance to sample various pasta specialties. Leading the show is busiata, the ambassador of the entire Trapani area, which alone constitutes about 80% of the company’s production.

With a workshop bustling with five skilled artisans and a company team of over twenty members, Pasta & Conza stands as a paragon of a thriving business, epitomizing the Made in Sicily brand. Their success can be attributed to strategic decisions and meticulous attention to production processes.