Nocciolando: Bringing the Round Hazelnuts of Mount Etna to Nexxt Expo in Los Angeles

Bite into the richness of Sicilian agricultural tradition with the round hazelnuts of Mount Etna, an emblem that Nocciolando, a flourishing green company nestled in Castiglione di Sicilia, Catania, has passionately embraced.

Founded in 2007 by Fabio Biuso, Nocciolando sprouted from a simple yet profound idea: to promote and market the hazelnuts from the Etna territory, an authentic local gastronomic treasure.

The year 2016 witnessed the establishment of the short-chain farm, mainly operating on the slopes of Mount Etna and dedicated to cultivation. By 2018, following a significant investment, the company embraced the final transformation of hazelnuts. Today, within the same entrepreneurial reality, all productive processes come to life: cultivation, transformation, and marketing of the finished product.

Excellence is the essence of this entity, which is meticulously organized and sharply focused on the quality and sustainability of its processes. Over time, environmental care and protection have grown into one of the robust pillars of its operations: the cultivation of 74 acres of land dedicated to hazelnuts adheres strictly to respecting biodiversity and the natural balances present in the hazelnut agro-ecosystem.

The company’s fields are true ecological oases, rich in wooded areas, hedges, tree-lined rows, and flowered bands, providing precious refuges for plant species typical of the Mt. Etna territory. The real green revolution, however, lies in the creation of biofuel. Indeed, hazelnut shells can be utilized as energy biomass, making Nocciolando’s production processes 100% sustainable.

The company’s product catalogue encompasses four main lines:

Organic Hazelnut Creams: An indispensable treat for lovers of the sweet flavor of hazelnuts, including Hazelnut Cream, hazelnuts with bitter cocoa, and an even more delicious version: hazelnuts, cocoa, and milk.

100% Hazelnut Cream: A delicacy for true connoisseurs, made from exquisite roasted hazelnuts.

Whole Roasted Hazelnuts: Prepared using a low-temperature, long-duration process to maintain the fruit’s properties unaltered.

Hazelnut Grains: Made from roasted hazelnuts, these small fragments of goodness are ideal for decorating or enhancing both sweet and savory dishes.

Today, Nocciolando can rely on the support of 8 employees and 6 external collaborators. Over 150 producers‘ harvests also flow into the processing plant, all rigorously selected.

Quality never takes a backseat: annual monitoring is conducted at each producer’s site to ensure high standards for the product.

The Roasted Hazelnuts and Bio hazelnut spreadable creams of Nocciolando will be featured at Nexxt Expo, from October 19 to 22 in Los Angeles, at a dedicated stand of the Sicily Show organized by IoComproSiciliano.

This fair represents a precious event for the company, which will have the opportunity to consolidate and expand its commercial channels already initiated with the US market.

The Sicilian company has already formed several partnerships with some important foreign markets. In particular, in addition to California, Mt. Etna’s Made in Sicily delicacies have also landed in Croatia, Germany, and Greece, among others.