Moorish Heads and Santuzza: Ceramicando’s Colors Shine in Los Angeles

When traditional ceramic style melds with the vibrant hues of modernity, works of art are born that transcend the boundaries of time. This is the lesson from a young Sicilian ceramist, founder of an artistic workshop in the heart of Palermo.

Ceramicando officially emerged in November 2007. After 10 years of apprenticeship in various workshops, Elisabetta Castagnetta felt a strong desire to fully express her creativity, driven by the passion to create new, modern pieces that carry her signature and resonate with a young target audience.

To bring her vision to life, the Palermo-based artist knew she would have to break the molds within which the world of ceramics is confined. And so, the first unprecedented piece by Ceramicando was born: a life-sized Vespa.

The audacious piece was an instant hit, catching the attention of the director of the Piaggio Museum in Pontedera, who decided to exhibit it. Numerous collaborations with American stores have also blossomed, all eager to showcase the Vespa in their showrooms.

Over time, partnerships have become the primary medium through which Elisabetta has gained increasing visibility. These partnerships were targeted and the result of careful selection. The workshop’s pieces have been chosen over time by Villa Igiea, Verdura Resort, La Rinascente, and during a prestigious Dolce & Gabbana event.

The world of entertainment too has cast its spotlight on the ceramics: the meticulously hand-decorated pieces have been chosen to adorn movie and TV series sets, as well as to feature in leading Italian TV shows like La Pupa e il Secchione and Big Brother.

Ceramicando’s creative flair is perpetually driven by passionate study. Style, colors, and shapes intertwine and evolve, exploring original ideas. Continuous inspiration has led to the creation of numerous lines that now represent the business’s admired catalogue. Notably, the Santa Rosalia line, dedicated to Palermo’s Santuzza, was born two years ago during the difficult pandemic period, allowing the artist to achieve an ambitious goal: inextricably linking ceramic art with her hometown.

Among the brand’s particularly beloved lines are:

The matte line, where heads and pinecones—flagship pieces of traditional ceramics—are decorated with enviable matte colors, boasting stain and dust-resistant properties.

The Ortigia line, characterized by the typical colors of Sicilian carts, embellished with bands that develop horizontally or diagonally.

The Marettimo line, priding itself on colors reflecting sea shades, from deep blue to aqua green.

The Vulcano line, inspired by the island with its black sand beaches, leading to the use of glossy black and gray.

Lastly, it’s impossible not to mention the Bedda Fuddia line, which we have already dedicated an entire article to.Find it here..

After undergoing various transformations over the years, Ceramicando now boasts a spacious workshop and a bright showroom on Via Isidoro La Lumia, in the heart of Palermo.

This is a true artistic workshop, animated by the passion and commitment of 10 professionals. While its primary market is Italian, Elisabetta’s pieces have also been in demand in Malta, Saint-Tropez, and Dubai for several years.

Ceramicando will be one of the Sicilian companies present at Nexxt Expo in Los Angeles, from October 19 to 22. The Sicily Show, organized by IoComproSiciliano, will be a precious opportunity to showcase to a market that has often proven receptive to the excellences Made in Sicily.