Molino and Molitoria San Paolo: The Excellence of Sicilian Flour Comes to Los Angeles

The Gallo family tale unwinds through four generations, seamlessly weaving tradition and passion into the art of wheat milling. A dedication that has magically transformed a modest mill of the 1950s into an expanding industrial group, handling over 400 tons of wheat daily.

Rewind to 1955 when two young cousins, both named Paolo Gallo, took a leap of faith to establish the family’s first company. Thus, Molino San Paolo was born – a durum wheat milling operation that embarked on an extraordinary adventure.

The company, wisely guided by the foresighted Gallo family, has undergone numerous modernization and expansion efforts over the decades. The year 1983 marked the opening of a second facility for soft wheat processing in Syracuse, in southern Sicily.

Today, a public company, boasting a thriving team of about 40 employees, it spins a staggering revenue, reaching a whopping $50 million and flaunts an absolutely astounding productive might, churning out roughly 882,000 pounds of flour daily in a non-stop 24-hour grind. Breaking it down, that’s about 551,000 pounds of durum wheat and 331,000 pounds of soft wheat.

This dynamo of a company caters to a spectrum of clientele – from pasta factories, bakeries, and pizzerias to wholesalers and confectionery industries. Their scope isn’t just confined to concocting traditional and custom flours; they’re kneading their way into creating special blends, masterfully mixing wheat flour with various cereals – a scrumptious option that’s stealing the spotlight for today’s consumer.

Their influence rolls mainly across the regional market. Over time, the company has risen as a pivotal reference point for the island. Sicily’s voracious appetite for flour often crashes into a production bottleneck, prompting the import of this golden grain product from various regions.

But don’t be fooled – their commercial collaborations often have doughnut-rolled well beyond regional boundaries, particularly hitting it off with Germany, a country with which the company has cultivated a flourishing relationship.

Quality? It’s the yeast that raises every operation at Molino San Paolo.An advanced degree of food safety, reliability, strict adherence to regulations, and a fruitful collaboration with the Departments of Agriculture, Food, and Environment of the University of Catania are among the robust ingredients ensuring their products are baked to the highest quality.

Let’s sprinkle on some certifications for extra flavor! Their products bask in the glory of numerous certifications like the BRC, which kneads in the necessary accreditation to export to all Anglo-Saxon countries; the IFS (International Food Standard), whipped up by the German and French organized large distribution associations, which outlines the food safety requirements; and, oh, let’s not forget the cherry on top – the certificate for organic production!

Throughout its deliciously long history, the group has never stopped pursuing growth and modernization. A significant recent investment in photovoltaic solar energy was the cherry on top. Both facilities operate in self-consumption mode, cutting the environmental impact of production down to a minimum.

Get ready, Los Angeles! Molino San Paolo’s products will be showcasing at the Sicily Show, organized by IoComproSiciliano, at Nexxt Expo, from October 19 to 22.

It’s a robust platform for this important Sicilian player. Italian flour, already sifted and savored by the American market, has always been hailed as a true excellence. The Fair will unfold as a valuable opportunity to knead new and fruitful collaborations into the mix.