Limited Edition Pervaso Panettone: A Taste Test in Los Angeles

Sourdough cultivated in water, organic pasteurized egg yolks, a selection of the finest flours, high-quality candied fruit, and a rigorously artisanal process spanning 72 hours: the magic behind every Pervaso artisanal panettone, a gem of flavor entirely Made in Sicily, is unveiled.

Founded in 2014 by Adriano and Emanuele Pizzuto, along with their cousin Francesco Paolo Caronia, Pervaso is a company that has transformed the creation of artisanal panettone into a true artistic endeavor.

Thanks to Adriano’s boundless passion for baking, this young enterprise began rapidly ascending the Italian market in 2019, employing alternative methodologies.

Based in Montelepre, in the province of Palermo, the trio has erected a veritable temple of pastry, with a team of 15 highly qualified professionals, ready to share their expertise in crafting the beloved holiday cake.

Pervaso has built its success on an original idea: to create an alternative panettone, deviating from traditional methods. This insight gave birth to the company’s real showstopper: the jar-baked panettone.

Glass jars, ranging from 140 grams (about 5 oz.) to 500 grams (around 17,6 oz.) endow the product with numerous enviable characteristics. The panettone is cooked inside the warm jar and once removed from the oven, is immediately packaged. The glass jar initiates a product pasteurization process and, simultaneously, creates a natural vacuum. The result? A fragrant, tasty panettone with a preservation period reaching 2 years without losing softness and organoleptic characteristics.

The quality of the process immediately proved the young team right, who, from the first year, began producing panettoni also in the classic paper molds. The sizes are numerous, ranging from 500 grams (slightly more than 1 lb.) to 5 (11 lbs.) and 10 kg (22 lbs.).

Market demand is currently on a constant upward trend: from 3,000 panettoni sold in the first year of operation, to 24,000 in 2022 – a number destined to rise, with a quantity of orders for the upcoming holidays already surpassing past records.

The complexity of the preparation process compels Pervaso to set a maximum ceiling of jar-baked products. This year’s production will not exceed 1,500 pieces. A prudence that, in addition to ensuring utmost care, transforms the products into a true limited-edition delicacy.

The most sought-after product is the classic panettone, a delight that cannot be missing from any Italian table. Following is the pistachio version, a delicacy increasingly sought after by the market, and in third place a true catalogue jewel: the savory panettone. This gastronomic gem is novel, seasoned with sun-dried tomato, anchovies, and capers. Eating it is a truly sensory experience, especially when the slices are toasted and accompanied by a delicious citrus mayonnaise.

Pervaso’s main market is Italy, but one of the company’s objectives is to open up to international collaborations. The primary target is the United States, a market that kindles great ambitions in the entrepreneurs. The quality of the raw materials and the working methods that combine tradition and innovation have always been highly appreciated after overseas.

In this vein, Pervaso’s products will be featured at Nexxt Expo, in the Sicily Show organized by IoComproSiciliano, from October 19 to 22 in Los Angeles.

On this occasion, it will be possible to taste Pervaso’s delicacies, particularly the savory panettone, traditional panettone, the creative zuppa inglese (trifle) version, the almond-coated variant, and last but not least a luscious Modica chocolate variant.