Giovinotto Wines: Young Entrepreneurs Pouring Heart into Sicilian Vintages

In 2017, amidst the quaint hills of Ramacca, a small village near Catania, a fresh face in winemaking was born: Giovinotto Wines. Founded on the keen instincts of Antonino Vitale and Luca Licciardello, two youthful entrepreneurs aged 30 and 36, they understood the boundless potential nestled in the Sicilian soil beneath their feet.

Their vision? To craft a product that embodies Sicily, a label synonymous with quality. They began with two offerings that composed the “Giovinotto True Sicilian”: a testament to the excellence of two grape varieties, Nero d’Avola and Grillo.

The Nero d’Avola DOC, handpicked with care, dazzles with a deep red hue, a richness, and a creaminess that precedes its initial sweet notes, soon overtaken by the sharp zest of red berries.

The Grillo DOC, on the other hand, is a labor of love with white grapes from a vineyard that has undergone a true revival.

Soon, the winery’s catalog grew, adding three more types: the Frappato IGP, the Nerello Mascalese IGP, and the dry Zibibbo DOC.

Spanning about 17 acres, with the capacity to produce some 60,000 bottles annually, Giovinotto Wines now manages around 10 specialized operators and partners actively with a Sicilian company dedicated to bottling.

From local roots to a national presence, this Catania-based venture quickly branched out, forging international collaborations, especially with Ireland, Germany, and Belgium.

At the Nexxt Expo in Los Angeles, a fair celebrating all things Made in Sicily, four varieties from the Giovinotto cellars were on display: the Nero d’Avola DOC, the Grillo DOC, the Nerello Mascalese IGP, and the Frappato IGP. Enthusiasts from across the globe had the chance to savor these expressions of Sicilian terroir.

Showcased at the Sicily Show, organized by IoComproSiciliano, these wines stood out as a testament to the island’s finest products.

Looking ahead, the winery aims to expand its selection. A new sparkling white wine is already bubbling up, with many more varieties being meticulously crafted.

Though Giovinotto Wines has been on the scene for just a few years, it has quickly garnered acclaim for its distinctive character. The unique and unparalleled properties of Sicilian vineyards, coupled with the fervent passion of those who invest their energy into the land they cherish and love, make their products not just wines, but stories poured into each glass.