Frollini Frolsi: Sicily’s Favorite Cookies Set Their Sights on the U.S. Market

Imagine the comforting aroma of home and warmth, an unmistakable scent of traditional recipes wafting through the air. That’s the secret essence of Frollini Frolsi, captured in the cherished memories of countless breakfasts and snacks enjoyed by generations of Italians.

Founded in 1966 in Palermo by Filippo Lo Piccolo, a baker with an intense love for cookies, Frolsi became synonymous with a petite treat that could fit in one’s hand, yet was grand enough to grace the breakfast tables of millions.

Frolsi’s adventure began with a simple cookie recipe, beloved by Sicilians from 1966 to 2008. However, as the 2000s approached their end, the company faced stiff competition from major multinational biscuit brands and was forced to shut its doors.

A twist in the tale came in 2017, when Salvatore Abbate acquired the brand and its recipes. In 2019, he was joined by Salvatore Accurso. Together, these dynamic entrepreneurs breathed new life into a fading tradition, giving the company a fresh face and modernizing both the product and its packaging to meet contemporary market demands.

Yet, the recipe remains steeped in tradition, retaining the authentic flavors and characteristics that endeared it to last century’s consumers. These are ideal ‘dunking’ cookies, perfect with milk, digestible, and not overly sweet.

In addition to the classic cookies, the brand has introduced a range of leavened products, including ice cream brioches, panettone, and Easter colomba. Not to forget their irresistibly creamy pistachio spread, a staple for the holiday season.

Keeping artisan craftsmanship at its core, Frolsi meticulously selects high-quality ingredients, primarily sourcing key components like milk, honey, and eggs from local Sicilian producers. This demanding attention to detail is worth the effort, given today’s informed and discerning consumers who value the origin of their food products. The search for a product to buy also goes through the origin of its ingredients.

Operating from Palermo, the company has a core team of 8, spread across marketing, administration, and production. This number swells to 25 during the Christmas season.

Today, Frolsi boasts revenue of 1.5 million euros (roughly $1.7 million), catering not just to multiple Italian regions but also to international markets in Belgium, France, Switzerland, and Canada.

With their eyes set on expanding horizons, Frolsi is keenly interested in the U.S., home to a large Italian community likely to appreciate the traditional flavors embedded in their classic cookies.

In line with this, Frolsi products will be showcased in Los Angeles at the Nexxt Expo. At the Sicily Show stand organized by IoComproSiciliano, visitors can savor classic cookies, almond pastries, and handmade treats that pay homage to traditional Sicilian cookies like the reginella, Monreale biscuit, aniseed biscuit, and almond quaresimale.

In conclusion, Frolsi recognizes the immense potential of international events. Their participation in this year’s TUTTOFOOD in Milan opened doors to crucial collaborations with Southeast Asian countries, Japan, and China. The future looks sweet!