Dolgam: Evolution and Tradition in Sicilian Entrepreneurship

Dolgam, a business rooted in Sicilian tradition and innovative spirit, was established in 1972 by Andrea and Mauro Gangemi. Originating in Nunziata, Catania, the company began by producing quintessential Sicilian specialties,

such as almond pastries and Easter eggs, eventually broadening its range to meet evolving market demands.

By the late 1990s, Dolgam, primarily focused on seasonal Easter and Christmas products, had about 15 employees. The entry of Fabio and Marco, Andrea’s sons, marked a significant shift, steering the company’s production towards mass distribution.

Today, Dolgam boasts a remarkable annual turnover of almost USD 11 million, supported by a dedicated team of 45 specialized workers.

The current product line is diverse, ranging from traditional torrone (nougat) and torroncini (mini nougats), to pralines, Easter eggs, and savory pistachio and almond pesto. Particularly popular are the company’s spreadable creams, including indulgent pistachio, peanut, and almond spreads, with the peanut butter variant gaining nationwide acclaim.

A key strategy for Dolgam’s expansion has been participating in international fairs and events. Starting with regional Sicilian exhibitions, the company has branched out to European and global markets, including notable appearances at Anuga in Cologne, the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York, and the recent Nexxt Expo in Los Angeles.

At the Nexxt Expo, a wide array of Dolgam’s products was showcased at the Sicily Show, curated by IoComproSiciliano.

Currently, approximately 10% of Dolgam’s revenue is generated from international trade, a segment the company is actively developing with great commitment and foresight. Dolgam’s strength lies in its adherence to traditional methods, which, although initially lesser known overseas, are now sought after and cherished.

Looking to the future, Dolgam is planning a significant structural transformation. By the end of 2025, a new, expansive production site will be established in Mascali, Catania. This ambitious project involves a 53,800 square feet facility on a total land area of approximately 269,000 square feet.

In more than 50 years of history, this great Sicilian reality has managed to go through periods of difficulty and tough challenges, it has done so while always maintaining a firm focus on the quality of its products, which have preserved over time all the fragrance of handmade confectionery and the typical taste of the ancient flavors of yesteryear.