Cooperation is Key to Success: Sicily Food Belice Valley

Established in 2022 with the vision to empower and amplify local producers, the Sicily Food Belice Valley cooperative is fiercely dedicated to supporting its members in the commercial realm and elevating the rich culture of the Belice Valley.

Just a few months after their dazzling showcase at New York’s Summer Fancy Food event, Valentina Blunda, the dynamic president of the cooperative, shared some exciting updates with us.

Topping the list is a notable growth in membership! Sicily Food Belice Valley has expanded its team by a whopping 8 members, reaching a total of 32 proud partners. President Blunda explained that it’s a significant milestone, showcasing its steadfast commitment and the trust garnered from local producers.

While the company’s ambitions soar, its focus remains rooted: it aims to enrich their product catalogue but still center its efforts on producing top-notch olive oil and olives.

Looking ahead, there are whispers about introducing wines – with a sprawling 320 acres of vineyards under their wing. And here’s a spicy tidbit: the Partanna red onion, a true gem in Sicilian agriculture! Grown and harvested in the summer months, this little beauty can be turned into an exquisite jam or a sweet-and-sour delicacy.

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Under enterprising and passionate leadership, the cooperative has been making significant strides on the global stage. Post their New York stint in June, a delegation of Sicilian producers is currently turning heads at Anuga, the renowned food & beverage expo in Cologne.

And what’s next? Golden state, here they come! The team will be flying to California for the Nexxt Expo, the celebration of Made in Italy, in Los Angeles from October 19 to 22. Sicily Food Belice Valley will be featuring at the Sicily Show, an event crafted by IoComproSiciliano. If you’re there, don’t miss a chance to indulge in olives, pristine olive oil, and delicious olive paté – the stars of their show!