Conserve Campisi, Savoring Sicilian Tradition Since 1854

Nestled a few miles from Portopalo di Capo Passero, deep in Sicily’s southeast, lies one of the island’s most sought-after fishing villages: Marzamemi. Amidst haute-couture fashion shows and VIP visitors—think Mick Jagger, George Clooney, and Madonna—a fifth-generation preserve production and trading company stands resilient: Campisi.

Born in 1854 in the fishing village hamlet of Marzamemi, Campisi tells a family story imbued with a love for the sea and dedication to maritime culture. An enchanting tale that, even after over 150 years, breathes through its continued commitment to preserve transformation and trade.

Sardines, anchovies, mackerel; the village is a bounty of blue fish, but the most ancient tradition of Campisi is intrinsically tied to the tuna season, spanning from May to June, symbolizing the family’s core business.

Especially noteworthy is the Mediterranean bluefin tuna, a majestic species that can weigh up to a whopping 660 pounds.

The operation, steered by Paolo Campisi and his father Salvatore, still adheres to traditional artisanal transformation processes. Here, tuna fillets are meticulously hand-processed, skillfully cut with knives by expert professionals, ensuring top-quality while preserving the authentic flavors of the sea.

Over time, consumer tastes have evolved, and sagaciously, so has Campisi. The business has increasingly specialized in oil preserves, now the true core business of the Sicilian business. Moreover, the historical establishment in Marzamemi has morphed into a showroom of typical products and has been bolstered by an added restaurant business.

Thus, Ristorante Campisi Marzamemi was born—a gathering point for tourists and cuisine enthusiasts. A delightful spot in the village’s small harbor where you can savor delicacies freshly made or transformed by the company.

Halfway between Marzamemi and Pachino lies the processing and transformation plant, endearingly known as the Fabbrica, the Factory. Proximity to the renowned Sicilian PGI tomato‘s town has also allowed the company to further diversify its offering, specializing in processing this local delight.

The Italian market accounts for 95% of the company’s business, with select commercial collaborations extending to the United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

The main partners are premier gastronomic entities, businesses seeking top-notch products, meticulous service, and a strong focus on refined packaging. Campisi also enjoys a robust online commercial presence, which has been thriving for approximately 14 years.

With a workforce fluctuating between 30 and 75 employees, depending on the season, and a production capacity packaging jars and metal cans totaling approximately one and a half million pieces, Campisi flaunts a turnover reaching USD 6.7 million, with a steadily ascending trend.

Trade fairs remain an irreplaceable tool for the Sicilian business, a valuable opportunity to penetrate ever new and exciting markets. Among the most significant events Campisi participates in is undoubtedly TASTE, organized by Pitti Immagine at the Fortezza da Basso, in Tuscany.

Campisi will be present at the Sicily Show, organized by IoComproSiciliano, at Nexxt Expo, from October 19-22 in Los Angeles. The aim is to showcase the superb quality of Made in Sicily products produced by the company—a quality that has over time brought numerous satisfactions, most recently the Gambero Rosso magazine award for the Best White Tuna of the Mediterranean.

The attention to regional identity, coupled with oversight of all processing steps and the authenticity of the ingredients, make Campisi a true excellence, championing the ancient flavors of the land and sea of Sicily.