Busiate Tricolore and Anelletti Siciliani: The Traditional Future of Antico Pastificio Buffa

Antico Pastificio Buffa, a beacon of Sicilian pasta-making, started its flavorful journey in 1979, thanks to Giuseppe and Carmela Buffa‘s entrepreneurial spirit. This husband-and-wife duo from Sicily always harbored a dream – to enrich family meals with top-notch fresh pasta.

Catering to wedding receptions and banquets, the business initially served local events but soon expanded its reach to more restaurants in the Trapani and Palermo areas.

Their historic workshop at 4 Vivaldi Street in Castellammare del Golfo became synonymous with delicious, high-quality pasta crafted from meticulously chosen ingredients.

 Fast forward over forty years, and the company continues to elevate its product range while upholding its exceptional standards.

The year 2019 marked a significant leap, fueled by Antonino Buffa‘s vision. The young entrepreneur, born in 1995, realized a long-standing dream by acquiring equipment for dry pasta production.

This efficient machinery, honoring traditional preparation methods, allows the company to produce around 990 pounds of pasta per hour, amounting to approximately 2200 pounds daily.

The company’s diverse catalog meets virtually any pasta need.

The dry pasta selection, both conventional and whole wheat, includes fusilloni, caserecce, calamarata, gnocchetti, paccheri, rigatoni, and more. The crown jewel is the busiata, a local specialty, making up about 80% of the production. It’s available in mouth-watering squid ink and pistachio variants.

Fresh pasta remains the soul of their operations, offered in traditional styles like busiate, caserecce, and tagliatelle, and in stuffed forms like tortellini and ravioli, including a unique squid ink version with grouper stuffing.

Although primarily serving the local market, Antico Pastificio Buffa has forged strong international ties, especially in France, Belgium, and Germany – the latter being akin to a second home due to direct customer relationships and distribution channels.

A wide array of the Sicilian company’s products starred at the Nexxt Expo in Los Angeles, a celebration of Made in Italy excellence. Classic, squid ink, and pistachio busiate graced the Sicily Show, a showcase of Sicilian marvels organized by IoComproSiciliano.

Looking ahead, the company aims for structural expansion with a new workshop, enriching their original retail space, and introducing new pasta shapes to embark on this third chapter of their story. Grand expectations are set for the Sicilian anelletti, tricolore busiate, and lemon and chili variants, promising to continue their legacy of combining tradition and innovation in every delicious bite.