Busiate in Los Angeles, the Sicilian Touch of Pastificio Raspanti

Entrepreneurship can sprout in the most surprising and unexpected ways. Take the case of Salvatore Raspanti, whose deep love for a family tradition propelled him on an incredible entrepreneurial journey centered around producing a remarkable specialty: fresh pasta.

Pastificio Raspanti took root in Nicosia in 1982, founded by the very initiative of Salvatore Raspanti. So enamored was he by the homemade tagliatelle made by his grandmother that he decided to start a venture from scratch, specializing in fresh pasta.

The business began its journey in a modest 172 sq ft shop. The pasta was meticulously prepared, wrapped, and sold to customers on small trays. However, as demand swiftly grew, the small space began to feel increasingly cramped. Recognizing the signs, Salvatore knew it was time to evolve. This kicked off a transformative process, rapidly placing Raspanti’s products on the shelves of wholesalers and supermarkets.

Today, Raspanti’s products supply all of Sicily. The business boasts a 6,458 sq ft factory, with production capabilities to make over 2,200 pounds of pasta daily. Salvatore is now joined by his two children, Lorenzo and Piera, who, together with three other professional operators, continue a craft that has retained its familial and traditional character.

The product catalogue is broad and varied. Staples like macaroni, paccheri, spaghetti, pappardelle are a given… and, of course, the ever-beloved tagliatelle. Recently, two successful alternative lines dedicated to dry and frozen pasta, perfect for restaurants, were introduced.

One of the standout highlights of the entire production is the vast array of filled pasta. With over 40 available fillings, this range includes delicacies like speck ham with walnuts, pistachio, scamorza cheese with speck ham, artichokes, ricotta with lemon, and ricotta with sugar.

What sets Pastificio Raspanti apart as a champion of Made in Sicily is its relentless pursuit of quality: starting from a meticulous selection of flours, all strictly Sicilian, right up to the traditional production methods. Bronze dies are the hallmark tool shaping Raspanti’s pasta.

Over the years, the company has undertaken numerous successful collaborations with foreign markets, particularly Germany, France, and England. The next ambition? To cross the Atlantic and tap into new trade channels.

Pastificio Raspanti will be showcasing at the Nexxt Expo from October 19 to 22 in Los Angeles. Their delectable busiate can be found at a dedicated stall within the Sicily Show, organized by IoComproSiciliano. Participating in the expo offers a golden opportunity to introduce the world to the authentic taste and craftsmanship that sets Raspanti apart.

The enterprise’s goal? To tantalize as many international taste buds as possible, one step at a time, with a product that has always symbolized Sicily in the collective imagination.