Altamore: Ancient Senatore Cappelli Wheat Pasta at Nexxt Expo

Nestled between Giuliana and Sambuca di Sicilia within the Monti Sicani range lies the Azienda Agricola Altamore. Sprouting from a small parcel of land initially belonging to Grandfather Francesco, Giuseppe Altamore‘s dedication and love for the land have allowed the farm to blossom into its third generation, now stewarded by Cristina, Gianni, Lorenzo, and Francesco. This quartet is the vibrant heart of Altamore pasta.

The farm spans roughly 148 acres, with the majority dedicated to wheat cultivation. Additionally, they boast an olive grove, vineyard, and cattle breeding.

The Altamore family’s commitment to cultivating the fields, a passion passed from generation to generation, has spanned over a century. They ardently protect the land’s natural agricultural essence, preserving its biodiversity from contaminants and chemicals.

As Cristina notes, while the farm has always been organic, certified since 2000, it’s always embraced natural farming methods and practices.

For nearly a decade, the crown jewel of the farm has been the Senatore Cappelli wheat, an ancient variety recognized by its tall, tanned spikes. The grain is stone-ground to retain the wheat’s germ, yielding a fragrant dark durum wheat semolina. When mixed with pristine spring water, processed through bronze dies, and slow-dried, this semolina transforms into the farm’s signature product: Altamore Pasta.

Their primary marketplace resides in quality e-commerce platforms, enabling their pasta to grace tables worldwide.

Their catalog brims with diverse shapes, with mixed packs being the fan favorite. These “Sicilia Packs” allow the company to feature a broad spectrum of pasta types suitable for a myriad of dishes.

Short pastas like busiata, calamarata, caserecce, and paccheri are available, as well as three long pasta varieties: tagliatelle, spaghetti, and linguine.

Altamore’s target market is definitely small specialty stores, places where attention toquality and attention to detail are watchwords. However, thanks to a far-sighted marketing strategy, over time several trade agreements have also been built with foreign countries, mainly France and Germany.

With an ambition to bolster their international presence and showcase the unique taste of their traditionally crafted organic pasta, Altamore products are currently being showcased at the Nexxt Expo in Los Angeles.

They’ve decided to spotlight their long pasta varieties, which can be found at the Sicily Show stand, organized by IoComproSiciliano for the event.

Expectations are sky-high for the farm. The hope is that the distinctiveness and quality of their offerings are recognized and appreciated. In a market inundated with industrial giants, Altamore’s dedication to preserving its artisanal farming roots can genuinely set them apart.