The Sweet and Captivating Story of Stramondo, the Sicilian Leader in the World of Gelato and Pastry

Catania, a land of authentic flavors and ancient traditions. It is in this ancient port city on the eastern coast of Sicily that the story of Stramondo begins, a Made in Sicily company that has conquered the palates of the entire world over the years.

It was in 1940 when Pasquale Stramondo, a master pastry chef, founded Stramondo Srl, a business specializing in semi-finished products for the gelato and pastry sector.

Initially established with a local scope, Stramondo’s business achieved considerable success but seemed unable to expand beyond local borders. Everything changed when the pastry chef from Catania met Vincenzo Lo Castro, a local agent who soon went to work for the company.

In the 1970s, as Pasquale Stramondo grew older without heirs, he began to consider his succession, and Lo Castro proved to be a worthy heir. In 1980, Vincenzo acquired the company and subsequently relocated its headquarters to Salemi, where it operates to this day.

Over the years, Vincenzo was joined by his children: Vito, in charge of the commercial side, Sergio, at the head of production, and Silvia, who manages accounting and finance.

Stramondo grew rapidly and expanded its presence by participating in major international events in the industry.

For over thirty years, Stramondo has been a regular presence at Sigep in Rimini, Italy, a fair that represents a true European showcase for the gelato world. It also do not miss out on other prestigious events such as Host in Milan, Italy, and Gelatissimo in Stuttgart, Germany.

The company will also participate in Gulfood in Dubai and Foodex in Tokyo.

The most recent significant milestone achieved was the inauguration of a modern production facility spanning an impressive 129,000 square feet.

Today, Stramondo sells its products in over 40 countries worldwide, with an export share of 50%. It is truly a leading presence in the gelato ingredients sector.

Gelato is the company’s core business. Stramondo produces and markets essential ingredients for artisanal gelato, ranging from powdered bases to provide structure to the ice cream, to flavoring pastes for a wide range of flavors. It offers classics such as pistachio, almond, and hazelnut, as well as fruit-based varieties.

Furthermore, the company has expanded its offerings to include pastry products that complement the world of gelato, such as sorbetto preparations.

Great attention is given to the demands of the modern market. In this regard, Stramondo has introduced product lines that cater to trends widely popular abroad, including vegan, gluten-free, and lactose-free options, which are gradually spreading in Italy as well.

The Salemi headquarters boasts a team of 23 employees, with sales agents covering every province in the region and numerous professionals spread across the country.

Thanks to significant investment, Stramondo has managed to double both the production capacity of its gelato ingredient line and the output of another brand it owns: BonCrem, a line dedicated to jarred spreadable creams.

The company’s primary goal is to fully leverage its renewed production capabilities and secure an even larger market share. With its new facility, an expanding range of products, and a highly competitive and experienced team, Stramondo is quickly heading towards an increasingly sweet future.