24 Little Pearls of the Belice Valley, Serving the Nocellara, One of Sicily’s Most Iconic Olive Varieties

Sicily Food Belice Valley is a farm cooperative born in December 2022 in the Belice Valley, located in Western Sicily.

In a short period, twelve expert olive growers came together to create a true symbol of excellence in the Belice Valley. At the heart of their production lies one of the region’s most precious treasures: “Nocellara del Belice” olives.

With two protected designations of origin (DOP) certifying its quality, this cultivar yields extra virgin olive oil and table olives, true emblems of the “Made in Sicily” label.

Under the leadership of President Valentina Blunda, the cooperative aims to empower and give a voice to the producers while focusing on optimizing their commercial operations and promoting the local cultural heritage.

Despite its youth, Sicily Food Belice Valley has already achieved significant milestones in the market, securing its place within the industry. They participated in their first event in Trieste, Olio Capitale, and signed an exclusive commercial contract with a prominent US broker. Additionally, they are preparing to represent Sicily’s excellences at the Summer Fancy Food event in New York.

The offered catalog is divided into three product categories: extra virgin olive oil, table olives of various varieties, and delicious pates.

The primary target market is currently identified as the United States, with attention also given to the extensive European market.

As mentioned, the cooperative goes beyond supporting its members commercially; it also promotes the cultural sphere of the Belice Valley. The group is constantly growing, and over time, 12 additional members have joined the project. The cooperative now consists of 24 companies sharing the same vision: to work together and embrace teamwork in their entrepreneurial journey.

Transparency and honesty are the founding principles, with the ultimate goal of enhancing product quality. Despite the excellent reputation of the reference cultivar, the board acknowledges the need for meticulous attention to detail given the fierce competition.

Constructive dialogue with institutions, which have always supported and promoted the cooperative and its spirit of collaboration, is also highly valued.

While maintaining their autonomy, all members bring their olives to the partner mill, which produces a single label and a single product. “Prima Noce” is the first label created by the cooperative.

The mill, located in Santa Ninfa, boasts state-of-the-art technology, including a two-phase extraction process. To obtain excellent quality oil, along with premium raw materials, a modern facility capable of showcasing this excellence is essential. Accessing the best technologies on the market is one of the advantages of cooperation.

Sicily Food Belice Valley is a cooperative with a very clear purpose: to foster local communities and their companies by adopting sound methods that benefit both individuals and the members as a whole.

With an engaging, youthful, and passionate approach, the cooperative is committed to spreading awareness and appreciation for the treasures of the Belice Valley. To achieve this, they represent and bring together those business that have the right motivation to believe in what “Made in Sicily” really means.