Proexport Sicily: The Consortium that Unites, Supports, and Promotes Sicilian Businesses of Excellence

The challenge of promoting and developing business in foreign markets can be daunting without the right expertise. Yet, exports are the lifeblood of success for Italian agri-food businesses.

In response to this need, the Proexport Sicily consortium was established in 2008—a reality that, for the past fifteen years, has been dedicated to enhancing the commercial appeal of Sicilian companies targeting foreign markets.

The consortium was founded with the aim of promoting the internationalization of the island’s businesses. Thanks to its attentive approach to the needs of each individual member, over time Proexport Sicily has become a go-to partner for production excellence in the region.

The consortium’s founding principle is simple yet effective: to bring together the potential of member companies by showcasing the most sought-after products in international markets.

Within the consortium’s catalog, you’ll discover a treasure trove of offerings, including extra virgin olive oil, a wide variety of preserves, delectable pates, and delightful confectionery. Delve into the world of Dolciaria Pennisi’s exquisite cannoli, made with carefully selected ingredients. Experience the nine wines of De Gregorio winery, or savor Filippone’s aromatic herbs and spices including its highly sought-after oregano and much, much more.

Each product is carefully chosen to represent the very best of Sicily.

Just as the products are meticulously selected, so too are the member companies. It looks for companies that possess not only quality but also the ability to navigate the challenges of international markets.

The consortium is led by President Paolo Licata, owner of Campo D’Oro, with Vice President Orazio Pennisi, Director Antonio Mercadante, an expert in International Trade, and Councilor Gandolfo Filippone completing the executive board.

Currently comprising eight members, the consortium’s relentless commitment has enabled them to conquer international markets and successfully promote their products at trade fairs.

Proexport’s journey has been marked by participation in several prestigious events over the years, including three consecutive editions at Anuga in Germany and captivating showcases at Summer Fancy Food, featuring show cooking and exciting side activities.

One of the consortium’s vital services is providing technical assistance to member companies, supporting them before, during, and after events. This assistance helps them navigate contacts gained at these events, identifying and nurturing genuine business opportunities that align with the product quality and prices of the associated companies.

The consortium’s ultimate goal is to continuously aggregate more compatible companies with already showcased products, ensuring effective market presence and success for all members.

Proexport Sicily is currently seeking a specialized pasta manufacturing company to further expand its range of high-quality products.

With unwavering focus on innovation and quality, the consortium is dedicated to upholding the tradition of Sicilian excellence on the global stage.

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