Since 1860, Passion Among the Olive Groves: The Centennial Story of the Bonanno Family

In Campobello di Mazara, in the province of Trapani, an endeavor driven by commitment and determination has been taking the quality and tradition of Sicilian olive oil around the world for over 100 years.

It all started in 1860 when Domenico Bonanno, a respected Sicilian doctor, decided to invest in his passion for cultivating the land, specifically olive cultivation. Thus, the Azienda Agricola Bonanno company was born, a solid entrepreneurial reality that has now reached its fourth generation.

The Bonanno family grows only Nocellara del Belice, one of the 7 varieties belonging to Sicily’s olive heritage. Over 30% of their lands lie within a Controlled Designation of Origin area, which bestows the prestigious recognition of Nocellara del Belice DOC olive oil on their production.

Today, the company boasts around 20,000 olive trees, many of which are centuries old. Their mindset has always been focused on an organic approach. The production philosophy respects both nature and consumers alike.

The olives are exclusively hand-picked, following the seasons and their degree of ripeness. The processing is entirely natural, avoiding the use of chemical agents at every stage of production.

The olive oil is obtained by cold pressing, a method that preserves the exceptional organoleptic properties of the olive oil. The company’s production capacity reaches up to 80,000 bottles per year.

The first company label was created about 15 years ago after thorough market research. Maria Ditta and Domenico Bonanno, the founder’s grandson, introduced the company into a new and profitable production segment.

The olive oil catalog is characterized by three main bottle labels, two of which have received multiple awards.

Passione,” the flagship product of the company, has received several awards for its design and presents a feminine image of the olive oil. The name, meaning “love for the land” in Latin, expresses the utmost commitment and dedication that the company puts into its production.

“Origine” celebrates the land. The label depicts a dancing satyr dressed in the typical colors of Sicily: the gold of the sun, the brown of the earth, and the green of the olives.

The Bonanno company has managed to win over a wide number of customers from Northern Italy and abroad, especially Germany and Austria. They have also expanded to overseas markets such as the United States, Canada, and even the Far East, including China.

Trade fairs have always been one of the company’s main strategies to promote its name and history worldwide. Participating in important events such as Vinitaly, BIOFACH, and numerous fairs in Canada and the United Arab Emirates has contributed to consolidating the prestige of the Bonanno name across the globe.

Over the years, the objectives have remained unchanged: to grow, improve, and conquer new markets. To achieve this, the company has always staked its success on direct and sincere relationships with its partners.

Through effective communication and presence, a small Campobello-based company dedicated to the sale of bulk olive oil has become a reliable player in the olive market, proudly representing the “Made in Sicily” label.