Sicilian Tradition in a Sip: Distilling Art and the Secret of Ficodì

Just like food, beverages are a cornerstone of a country’s gastronomic tradition. Distilling art, in particular, is a jealously guarded skill, sometimes handed down from generation to generation. Over time, techniques evolve and transform to keep up with the times, but there are certain elements that cannot be overlooked. Carmelo Grippaldi knows this rule very well, which is why for twenty-five years now, he has been offering a unique sensory experience in the name of Made In Sicily.

In Gagliano Castelferrato, a small town in the heart of Sicily, at the intersection of Mediterranean aromas and ancient traditions, there lies a company that embodies the art and passion for liqueurs and spirits. Ficodì was founded in 1998, from an intuition of Carmelo Grippaldi, and is deeply rooted in the desire to make the most of the valuable resources the area has to offer.

The distilled spirits market is vast and fiercely competitive. Difficulties are just obstacles to overcome for a savvy entrepreneur, and pressure quickly becomes a motivator. This is Carmelo’s case: he has identified a vulnerability in the industry. Although there are numerous companies that produce liqueurs and spirits, very few truly pay attention to the quality of the ingredients. This aspect, the quality of the raw materials, immediately becomes a true distinctive mark.

The one big secret is this: Sicily is a generous land that offers immense quality to those who can recognize it. It’s a treasure trove of natural ingredients with intense and authentic flavors. Oranges, lemons, pistachios, aromatic herbs… These are just some of the ingredients used to create the different recipes that come to life daily at Ficodì. From spirits to creamy liqueurs, from gin to amarazita.

Speaking of amarazita, a bitter liqueur made from a meticulous blend of red berries, wild cardoons, citron, sage, and Sicilian blood oranges, it’s one of Carmelo’s most cherished products.

Its origin is ancient, and its unique taste is achieved through a preparation in two phases: infusion and distillation. The infused herbs and roots are mixed, ground into a powder, and then immersed in a solution of water and alcohol. Maceration takes several months. The mixture is left to settle and finally blended with the liquid from the distillation.

One of the highlights is the gourmet line, a skillful collection of creamy liqueurs with a charismatic touch, perfect for those seeking an alcoholic essence enhanced with novel flavors. This is where encounters between Etna lemons and jasmine flowers take place, as well as Sicilian blond oranges with cinnamon. But the best-selling cream is the one made with Bronte green pistachios. The strength of these products lies in their simplicity. Finally, cocoa butter, a noble and little utilized fat in the industry, adds the pleasantness to the palate that makes these creams unique and recognizable.

Beyond being a well-regarded company throughout Italy, Ficodì is now an excellence that tells the story of its territory, conveying emotions through the taste and scents of its products. Every sip is a journey into Sicilian traditions, made of earth, passion, and care. We invite you to embark on this journey. Certain scents provide unparalleled sensations, and there’s no better occasion than a bitter liqueur after a meal to share a precious moment with the people we love.