Promotion and Guidance of Sicilian Products of Excellence: the Bio-Distretto Borghi Sicani

The heart of Sicily holds a treasure trove of flavors and traditions deeply rooted in its rich and generous land. However, within the vast agri-food market, individual producers often struggle to showcase their unique qualities.

The Bio-Distretto Borghi Sicani was established precisely to address this challenge. Established in 2017 by 45 founding members, including companies and producers committed to organic production, the association fully embraces with the goals and objectives of the AIAB (Italian Association for Organic Farming) in Sicily.

The association’s aim is to develop an economic strategy for the entire territory of the Monti Sicani Park. To achieve this, it focuses on promoting and organizing the area’s agri-food qualities.

Thanks to its dedication, the association has been recognized as a Slow Food community, highlighting its commitment to sustainable and high-quality production.

Antonella Murgia, owner of Antico Frantoio, serves as the President, leading the organization with devotion while keeping the shared vision of promoting the territory and its products alive.

In line with its promotional vocation, the Bio-Distretto has participated in numerous fairs over the years, both nationally and internationally. During one such event, in Lithuania, it forged significant commercial agreements. Lithuania, a country known for its strong focus on the organic market, has proven to be a valuable partner.

The services offered to its members primarily revolve around product and company promotion. To this end, the Bio-Distretto provides its members with an e-commerce platform, currently undergoing maintenance, which has proven to be an immensely valuable tool, yielding impactful results.

Additionally, the association is committed to assisting its members in participating in regional, national, and European calls for proposals. The latest opportunity involves a grant of 14 million euros.

The Bio-Distretto Borghi Sicani is the lead partner in one of the seven food districts in Sicily, specifically the Distretto del cibo Sikania Bio-Mediterraneo, that is the Sikania Mediterranean Organic Food District.

It represents a reality encompassing the territory stretching from the Selinunte Park to the Agrigento archaeological, through the Sicani mountains and including 24 municipalities and 250 companies.

Participating in the broader Sikania reality also presents numerous opportunities for the members of the Bio-Distretto. In the coming days, restaurants sharing the values of the Food District will be able to offer their customers a unique menu dedicated to the participating producers.

Furthermore, in the near future, the “Vie del Distretto del cibo”—the Food District Paths—are planned, an initiative that will engage the local community in a true celebration actively promoting local products of excellence. It will be an opportunity to discover and appreciate the wonders of organic production and the deep connection between Sicily and its land.

The Bio-Distretto Borghi Sicani represents an excellence that combines sustainability, quality, and the enhancement of the local territory. Through its dedication and commitment, this association has become an inspiring beacon for all those who believe in the importance of promoting and supporting local examples of production excellence.