Over a Hundred Years of Passion and Commitment for Ancient Grains: Vescera Is Ready for Foreign Markets

From the combination of passion and tradition, Vescera comes to life. It’s a story that smells of bread, pasta, and excellence. A family-run business over a hundred years old but let’s proceed in order.

The first family bakery was established in 1890, but it was in the mid-1980s that the business went through a crucial transformation. Franco Vescera, born in Vieste, near Foggia, but a Sicilian by vocation, is an archaeologist with a creative soul. Guided by a deep connection to the land and its ancient history, Vescera bet on ancient grains, a product that was still relatively unknown at that time.

Incorporating these precious ingredients into bread production was a visionary endeavor that has made him a true pioneer in the industry. With the support of the Experimental Graniculture Station in Caltagirone and his tireless determination, he achieved his goal in 2000. It took about ten years of study and experiments.

Ancient grains not only give the products an authentic and unmistakable taste but also represent a testament to the past—a tradition enriched by innovation.

In the past two years, the company has expanded its offerings by investing in a pasta factory in Corleone. Currently, two production lines are in operation: Pasta di Corleone, a durum wheat brand, and the Vescera line, dedicated to single-variety grains, particularly Russello, Tumminia, and Perciasacchi.

It is a choice driven by love with the aim of enriching the land and pushing the company beyond national borders. Thanks to this new offering, the Sicilian company aims to reach the foreign market, and the feedback from the United States is already good.

If Franco Vescera is the creative soul of the company, his wife, Marinella Parisi, represents the beating heart of production. The bakery in Carlentini manages to produce almost 2,000 lb. of bread a day. With a boundless passion for baking, Marinella has dedicated her life to it, making her own recipe famous and appreciated.

It is precisely the combination of different talents, Franco’s spirit of initiative, and Marinella’s mastery that has allowed the company to thrive and stand out in the market.

Their interest goes beyond mere economic gain. Vescera’s commitment is also reflected in their attention to their environmental impact. A tangible example of this philosophy is the eco-friendly packaging designed for their pasta. Each package is designed to facilitate the immediate separation of plastic and cardboard, making the recycling process easier.

The company is now run by the fifth generation. With its focus and commitment to quality, in 2015, Vescera earned the honor of being an ambassador for ancient grains at EXPO. There are numerous initiatives in which they seize every opportunity to communicate their values, through school visits and show cooking events.

Whether history enthusiasts, lovers of good cuisine, or supporters of craftsmanship, this production reality certainly knows how to engage its audience. A century-old story and the authentic taste of their products easily find their way into the hearts of discerning consumers.

Moreover, pasta and bread are fundamental parts of our daily diet. It would truly be naive not to give them due attention.