Organic Hazelnuts, Pistachios, and Almonds: Two Generations of Entrepreneurs Conquering International Markets

Bio Italy Nature’s story has its roots in the inland area of Catania, specifically in Linguaglossa. This is where that Salvatore Comodo developed his passion for hazelnuts, working in the fields alongside his grandparents. It is from that experience that Salvatore realized he wanted to start a business initiative of his own.

Today, the company, founded in 1962, is now in its second generation. Concetto, Andrea, and Giulio are carrying on a great enterprise that has made organic dried fruit its distinctive brand.

Over time, this forward-looking business has specialized in the processing of numerous raw materials, first, hazelnuts, then the renowned Bronte pistachios, characterized by a wide range of different products, from semi-finished to finished products. Lastly, strictly organic almonds were introduced.

The organic production of their products has become the true cornerstone of their business over time. The Comodo family works tirelessly, studying and implementing new methodologies to create an excellent product without the use of pesticides and harmful chemicals that could affect the environment and health.

The goal was clear from the start: to offer consumers healthy and natural products while preserving the taste and nutritional values of dried fruits.

Attention to every aspect of production is made possible by the closed supply chain. From cultivation (on their own lands) to harvesting, cleaning, and processing, every step of the process takes place at the company’s premises in Castiglione di Sicilia. Control over each phase ensures the enviable quality of their production.

The company’s latest challenge is a newly established reality that is already bringing incredible satisfaction to management: the launch of the brand “Coleo,” designed and created for end consumers.

It comprises four lines of irresistible products:

There are the “snacks,” designed to give a tasty energy boost. Sweet creams, created for the most indulgent, including pistachio and hazelnut preparations. Then there are the butters, a highlight of their production, made 100% of almonds with no added sugar, for an all-natural solution. Finally, there’s a savory alternative, the special pistachio pesto.

Last year, Bio Italy Nature recorded revenues of almost 14 million euros, a 17% increase compared to two years ago, and this trend is expected to continue its upward trajectory.

It is a thriving reality, thanks in part to its ability to reach and conquer distant markets. Over 50% of their orders come from foreign countries, encompassing around 30 European and non-European countries.

The company intends to consolidate the business partnerships it has built so far and expand its presence by reaching new countries. To achieve this, they are already looking to the Fancy Food show in New York, a fundamental platform for establishing new collaborations.

Since 1962, this splendid example of Made in Sicily entrepreneurship aims to share the authentic taste of Sicily with the world, offering high-quality organic products that have always satisfied the most discerning palates.

It is a never-ending challenge in an ever-changing market. Until now, Bio Italy Nature has mastered this challenge, bringing healthy and delicious products to tables around the world.