Modica Chocolate Cheese, Ubriaco Pantesco: Trapani’s Dairy Revolution in Sicily

In the breathtaking scenery of Trapani, overlooking the crystal-clear sea of western Sicily, a small entrepreneurial gem in the world of cheesemaking is hidden.

In 1995, Tommaso and Matteo Palmeri, two brothers, both businessmen with different backgrounds but united by their passion for cheese, founded Sicilformaggi, a one-of-kind business venture. The company has successfully conquered the market with bold creativity and meticulous attention to Sicilian traditions.

Tommaso comes from the retail industry, while Matteo has experience in supermarkets. They may not be born into the cheese business, but they have certainly shown exceptional entrepreneurial flair.

The first production facility was established on via Ugo Bassi. Cheese trade began in local markets but quickly expanded to major Italian cities.

Sicilformaggi’s production is a combination of courageous and surprising choices. The turning point came in 2018, during Cibus, the prestigious Italian fair dedicated to the agribusiness. It was there that the Sicilian businessmen realized that the market was ready for their creations.

Thus, some of the most innovative products were born. There’s Ubriaco Pantesco, a cheese aged with Pantelleria passito wine and garnished with Sultanina grapes, the Modica chocolate cheese, the aged truffle cheese, and much more.

Special care is put into product packaging. The company focuses on aesthetically innovative, modern, and eco-friendly solutions. Delicate and refined finishes are combined with classic vacuum-sealed packaging.

Over time, they also introduced a line of organic cheeses, offering a valid alternative for various dietary needs. It is a conscious choice that meets the growing demands of all those who care about their well-being on a daily basis.

The company’s growth has been constant over the years and is continuing to this day. Sicilformaggi relies on a team of 25 employees and generates revenues exceeding 5 million euros.

The growth in numbers is matched by structural expansion, including a new facility dedicated mainly to the confectionery sector.

One of the highly anticipated developments is the introduction of a franchising model. The opening of the first store in Castellammare del Golfo is scheduled for July.

While the domestic market has been the main focus for Sicilformaggi, the company is ready to stretch out beyond national borders. During TUTTOFOOD, 40% of new customers came from abroad, including Europe and Mexico.

Their international tour includes stops at the Fancy Food Show in New York at the end of June, followed by Miami to forge more business deals.

Sicilformaggi has captured consumers’ attention and palates with its innovative and engaging approach. Its success is built on a love for high-quality dairy products, original pairings of flavors, and pride in representing Sicilian tradition worldwide.

It is a virtuous example of how boldness is an essential element of business success. Creativity and a deep connection to roots, combined with hard work, can truly transform a promising vision into a splendid reality, all proudly Made in Sicily.