From the Land to the Table: A Story of Olives, Love, and Dedication

Agroalimentare Sciacca S.r.l. was born in the heart of the Belìce Valley, on the shores of a sea that has always united traditions and cultures, in a land enclosed by rock and water, as generous as it is challenging.

We are in the heart of the province of Trapani, more precisely between Castelvetrano and Campobello di Mazara. This is where Gaspare Sciacca decided to invest and purchase plots of land. We are at the turn of the 1970s and 1980s, and that small farm that is about to be born will in time turn into a national and international benchmark with revenues of about one million euros a year.

In 2005, the Sicilian entrepreneur decided to pass on the fruits of his labor to his two sons, Giuseppe and Mario.

It is a generous legacy, but also a significant commitment. The two brothers take on the task with determination and intelligence, transforming that small business into an ambitious entrepreneurial project that now boasts an area of about 99 acres and a processing plant in Campobello di Mazara.

Sciacca Agroalimentare is dedicated to cultivating and processing high-quality olives. To achieve this, they rely on traditional methods and production techniques passed down through generations. This is the main strength of the entire production endeavor: Giuseppe, a partner in the company, believes that quality and tradition are the flagship of this company.

Through an extensive distribution network of supermarkets, the products quickly begin to circulate abroad, gradually conquering international markets as well.

The United Kingdom is one of the main markets, especially for sweet olive, as well as Australia, where the company ships several containers of products each year.

Sciacca Agroalimentare is already geared towards its next challenge: the Fancy Food exhibition in New York. The company is ready to make its mark at this important fair, forging new commercial agreements that will further enhance their name.

The products stand out for their unique characteristics.

Nocellara del Belìce, the main variety of olive used, is particularly rich in fiber and is extremely easy to digest. The harvest is done by hand. The olives are then graded. Only those that are perfectly healthy and at least 18 mm in diameter, i.e., slightly more than ¾ of an inch, are carefully selected and are made into table olives.

There are sweet green olives, whole black olives, cut and pitted olives.

The extra virgin olive oil has an intense green color and aroma. It has a full-bodied and slightly spicy taste, with an unexpected hint of sweetness.

Then there are the special selections: Riserva, fresh and herbaceous, to be used raw on seafood and green salads, and U Picciriddu, with a fresh aroma and a strong peppery aftertaste.

This particular line is highly appreciated in the United States, where it was presented during a major event in Chicago. Overseas, the typical traditions of Made in Sicily products have always been enthusiastically received.

Sciacca Agroalimentare is an example of passion, dedication, and entrepreneurial success, but it is also a testament to a father’s love for his children.

The constant pursuit of excellence and the ability to adapt to market changes have allowed this business to establish itself, but the ambition of the two partners continues to grow. Their eyes are set on the future and the conquest of new markets.