Demetra: Almost 175 Million Square Feet of Olive Groves, a Combination of Dedication and Organization for Sustainable and Responsible Agriculture

There is an organization in the heart of western Sicily that stands out with passion and commitment in bringing together and enhancing the work of numerous olive oil professionals: it is the OP Demetra.

The Demetra Olive Producers Organization of was established in May 2012 and has always worked with the aim of growing while maintaining the requirements set out by EU regulations.

Over time, the cooperative has acquired an impressive number of members: currently, there are 492 partners, covering a total area of olive groves of almost 175 million square feet. It is a colossal enterprise that has made Demetra one of the undisputed leaders in the entire olive sector.

Its area of operation covers western Sicily, including the province of Palermo, part of the province of Trapani, and some minor areas in Agrigento.

Two important protected designations of origin are the focus of their production: DOP Val di Mazara and DOP Valli Trapanesi. In recent years, the cooperative has also obtained the IGP Sicilia certification, a mark of quality that further enhances its products.

There are numerous services provided by Demetra to its members, including guidance in the production planning of each partner, adapting it to market demand. Demetra ensures transparency and fairness in economic relations with members regarding pricing. It also promotes and enhances the products, among other activities.

This impressive organizational machine has also distinguished itself for its commitment to adopting sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

With the assistance of a team of three experts dedicated to supporting member companies, the cooperative has promoted a policy aimed at reducing the environmental impact of olive farming, raising awareness among producers about adopting alternative farming methods.

To guarantee the safety and origin of its products, the cooperative has adopted a Supply Chain Traceability System that complies with the UNI EN ISO 22005:08 standard.

This system links any batch of products to the corresponding controls carried out, ensuring accountability and transparency and guaranteeing the quality and safety of its olive oils at all times.

Economically speaking, Demetra has been experiencing double-digit annual growth. In the last agricultural year Demetra recorded revenues of €1,817,298.85, of which €1,715,117.06 came from its members.

In detail, 5,715,798 lb of olives and 802,939 lb of extra virgin olive oil were sold. These numbers reflect the dedication and commitment that Demetra invests in promoting and enhancing the work of its members.

The olives produced are processed by Trinacria Agraria SRL, a commercial partner of the Demetra founded in 2004 by Salvo Mignano, Alessandro Bartellino, and Gabriele Longo.

Today, Demetra is much more than just an organization of producers. It is a perfect combination of dedication and organization in promoting sustainable and responsible agriculture. Its participation in the upcoming Fancy Food show in New York will be a excellent opportunity to strengthen existing business relationships and create new fruitful bonds.