DD Ceramiche Siciliane, Sicily’s Millennia-Old Art and History

Sicilian ceramics, a millennia-old art form, captivates with its vibrant decorations, color nuances, and rich history. Every piece crafted pays tribute to the island’s artisanal tradition, a specialty wholly Made in Sicily that a passionate enterprise from Caltagirone has taken upon itself to represent globally.

DD Ceramiche Siciliane was established in 2017 in Caltagirone, a town that stands as the global heartland for artistic ceramic production. The establishment of this visionary Sicilian enterprise marks the pinnacle of a long entrepreneurial journey driven by passion and initiative.

Domenico Donnarumma began his professional journey in his parents’ workshop, which was a souvenir store located in the historic center of Palermo. Driven by soaring ambition, the young entrepreneur from Palermo decided it was time to start his own venture.

Thus, began a tale of training, investments, and tenacity. After several trips to Caltagirone, Domenico became enamored with one of the most cherished decorative arts – ceramics. What began as a pastime swiftly transformed into a resounding success story, with the market’s overwhelming response.

It was at this juncture that a bit of “healthy madness,” as Domenico fondly terms it, led the entrepreneur to bet even more on himself. He invested in training, specifically in Marketing and Communication. Soon after came an e-commerce platform, entirely conceived and managed by the founder himself, ushering the business into the age of Ceramics 2.0.

The workshop, the company’s operational hub, is situated in Caltagirone. Here, nine skilled ceramists articulate their craft, creating unique pieces using a purely artisanal method. The creation of each masterpiece involves six essential stages: molding, drying, a first firing, glazing, decoration, and finally, a second firing. At times, a third firing becomes imperative if precious metals are applied.

The crown jewels of their expansive catalogue – boasting over 600 customizable pieces – are undoubtedly the Moor Heads and the Pinecones.

The former, having been in the market for a long time, witnessed an explosive surge in popularity following their feature in prominent Dolce & Gabbana events, who adopted them as themes for certain fashion lines. The latter, on the other hand, are symbolic objects representing abundance and prosperity.

You can discover the fascinating legends surrounding the Moor Heads and Pine Cones on this page.

While the primary market remains predominantly Italy, significant collaborations with foreign nations, both inside and outside Europe, are not amiss.

With this vision, the Sicilian enterprise has initiated a significant move to bring its artisanal quality overseas: the company has already established its legal headquarters in the United States, with plans to unveil showrooms in both Los Angeles and New York.

With a style spanning from traditional to innovative and modern, and by attentively catering to all its stakeholders, the company stands today as a true testament to Sicilian entrepreneurship’s ability to rejuvenate, evolve, and thrive.