Caponata in Japan, Pistachio in the USA: Conquering the World by Celebrating Tradition

In 1998, a couple of lovers decide to take hold of an invisible thread that most people can’t see and embark on a project that, over twenty-five years, has become an icon of Sicilian craftsmanship.

This invisible thread joins the past and present, magic and science, sacred and profane.

The Cantone family took its first steps in the liqueur market, a cornerstone of the island’s gastronomic history. Not yet satisfied, Carmelo, determined and dreamy, decided to embrace a new and more complex challenge. And so, in 2004, Antica Sicilia was born, a virtuous company engaged in the production and marketing of typical Sicilian products.

Antica Sicilia has been quick in accurately reading the market, transitioning from a small 860-square-feet factory to an almost 7,000-square-meter one.

At the same, its product catalog has come increasingly diverse, ranging from appetizers to preserves, delicacies packaged to preserve their fragrance and genuineness. From pestos to flavored salts, a solution that transforms any dish into an explosion of flavors. And then there are the liqueurs, never forgotten, and sweet creams. These delicacies are perfect for garnishing dishes or spreading on a good slice of bread.

Entering the world of Antica Sicilia means immersing oneself in a dreamlike atmosphere, a place that seems nestled among the memories of a distant past. Just take a look at the splendid packaging of the products to get the sensation that time has stood still. The packaging is the company’s hallmark, a jewel that exudes a unique traditional character, bringing to mind grandma’s preserves.

The product packaging has stood the test of time, undergoing small changes over the years. The attention to detail remains intact, with the company’s signature, the typical Sicily made of terracotta. This gem has accompanied the company since the very beginning.

Each package is, therefore, a small work of art that opens up to reveal a treasure for the palate.

The quality of the ingredients is a true hallmark for Antica Sicilia, which, in complex times like these, often faces challenges in its careful production process. However, the Cantone family, now joined by their three sons, Marco, Adriano, and Giuliano, in the company, has always chosen quality over quantity. The family rule is to produce less if the raw materials do not meet its standards. Never disappoint customers’ expectations.

Thanks to this approach, the company has also grown internationally and established ties with various international players. The world is now the company’s market. Carmelo, from his Sicilian perspective, knows the world and tells us about it. He explains to us how people overseas are crazy about pistachio pesto, while in Japan, it’s the caponata, the flagship product of the company’s entire production.

After exploring the unique flavors and aromas of Sicily, the next step is to translate this discovery into action. Experience the products of this company that brings the concept of “Made in Sicily” to life. It’s a way to savor a timeless treasure. For twenty-five years now, Antica Sicilia has been telling the story of Sicily to the world, and it is no coincidence that the world loves this tale.