Cantu d’amuri, Love Song: From Paceco, the Olive Oil that Embodies Sicily’s Sun and Warmth

In the province of Trapani, more precisely in Paceco, stands the Basiricò oil mill, the company’s modern facility equipped with continuous cycle extraction systems. It has a captivating story to tell.

Far back in 1982, Vincenzo Basiricò, with the invaluable help of his wife Maria, decided to transform years of passion and care for olive groves into something beautiful and precious. Thus, the Basiricò oil mill was born.

Constant commitment and care allowed him to refine extraction techniques, giving life to an exceptionally high-quality oil, unique in its fragrance and capable of encapsulating the distinct characteristics of this land.

The year 2000 marked significant changes as Pietro, Vincenzo and Maria’s son, joined the business. Together with his wife, Mariella Crimi, they gave the company a new boost of ambition, dedicating themselves to expanding the company and the oil mill. 

These were times of great transformations, and the market was ready to embrace them. Thus, the first label of the oil mill was born: Basiricò extra virgin olive oil.

From that moment on, the company’s path became filled with challenges to face, but the family was ready to tackle them one by one, with passion and determination.

After participating in their first national fairs, the big break came: the New York Fancy Food show in 2004. This event proved to be a valuable opportunity to establish international relationships and embark on a fruitful export activity.

Today, the company’s annual revenue has reached 900,000 euros, 30% of which from overseas trade. The company’s main partners operate in the markets of Northern Europe and of the East and West coasts of the United States.

The company produces over 550 tons of extra virgin oil each year. This is an impressive amount when you consider that only 30% of the total is bottled, an impressive quantity considering that only 30% of the total is bottled. These numbers attest to enormous growth potential.

Alongside the revenue, the company has expanded its range of products over the years.

After extra virgin olive oil, the Bio line was born, which includes DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) and IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) certified products of the highest quality. These products truly represent the company.

It is Mariella herself who speaks with enthusiasm about Cantu d’amuri, which means love song in Sicilian: “a bottle that embodies Sicily’s incomparable sun and warmth.”

In addition to traditional olive oils, there are also the flavored ones, a true gem capable of enhancing the taste of any dish.

Fresh Sicilian lemons, chili peppers, and red garlic from Nubia are used to make them.

Over time, the extra virgin olive oil sector has gained increasing importance in the market.

The Basiricò olive oil company is a growing reality that has courageously faced the significant production and commercial challenges.  However, its ambition is far from being sated. The company will be present at the upcoming edition of the Fancy Food show in New York, ready to forge new collaborations and to take its name and that of Made in Sicily to every greater heights.