A Story that Begins in the 1600s: from Ventimiglia di Sicilia to Japan, the Art of Organic Olive Oil Production.

Ventimiglia di Sicilia is a small town in the province of Palermo, with 1,800 inhabitants. It boasts a robust production activity that has yielded outstanding results over time. Our protagonist is Azienda Agricola Maia sas, founded in 1993 by Giovanni Manzella.

Despite its relatively young age, the company has a decidedly ancient history that dates back to the 1600s when the princess Beatrice Ventimiglia Del Carretto of Ventimiglia offered the first plot of land to Giovanni’s ancestors.

Today, the business covers 128.5 acres and boasts 12 thousand trees.

The company produces extra virgin olive oil from its properties located in the Ventimiglia di Sicilia and Caccamo area, on the right bank of the San Leonardo river.

The natural fertility of the soil, where water and nutrients are in perfect balance with the nature of the land, gives the products taste and harmony.

Azienda Agricola Maia has adhered to the organic farming method since its inception and has become a point of reference within the Val di Mazara DOP.

The main olive varieties grown are Biancolilla and Nocellara, two cultivars that yield oils with a distinctive and much appreciated flavor.

However, what truly sets the final product apart is the production process.

The olives are harvested and pressed on the same day to preserve their unique organoleptic properties.

The processing takes place in a state-of-the-art facility located in close proximity to the oil mill. The entire process is automated, from the milling to the storage in silos.

The production processes carried out on the farm and in the oil mill are controlled by ICEA, which certifies production using organic farming methods, and by Agroqualità S.r.l., which certifies the Denomination of Origin (DOP).

The company boasts impressive production figures, with over 440 tons of olive oil processed each year.

Maia’s primary customers are large retail chains and foreign markets, with a particular emphasis on business partnerships with China and Japan.

Their foreign strategy has already yielded significant satisfaction, starting with the TUTTOFOOD fair in Milan, where the company introduced itself to the international market, opening up new opportunities for growth and visibility.

The flagship product offered by Maia is the pitted olive oil, obtained by milling pitted olives, a process that preserves the delicate fragrance of Biancolilla.

The Nocellara variety of olive oil is characterized by its almond notes, which lend the product a fuller structure.

In addition to its olive oil, Maia also offers a selection of typical Sicilian products, including tuna and anchovy fillets, fine organic Siccagno tomato sauce, and organic Sicilian durum wheat pasta. This assortment of products provides a truly comprehensive sensory experience, encapsulating the craftsmanship and authentic essence of Sicily.

With its centuries-old heritage and unwavering passion for typical Sicilian products, Maia has established itself as an excellent representative of the highest quality Made in Sicily.

The company’s commitment to organic farming and respect for traditions enable it to adeptly overcome the ever-increasing challenges of its target market, embodying the uniqueness of its region in every drop of olive oil it produces.